The most important part of engaging young carers is having a conversation. Sometimes, conversations can be hard to start. Creativity is a great way to start the conversation. It can be as simple as doodles, photography, making a mini movie or drama.

Dux works with young carers to turn part of their story into poetry:

I Knew a Lad

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I Knew a Lad Transcript:

Once upon a time I knew a lad,
He had a mum but he didn’t have a dad.
The dad had walked off when the waters broke,
So he never was around when the baby awoke.
When the baby awoke he was 12 years of age,
And he felt like his head was a barbed wire cage;
Spent most of his life in a silent rage,
At home with his mum on a single wage.
He did go to school but he got into bother,
Cause he didn’t fit in and he didn’t have the clobber.
He knows what you are is not what you wear,
But you know how it is and it just isn’t fair.
He turned the other cheek and walked away,
And told himself it was all ok,
But deep down deep in a hidden place,
Was an itchy scar and an angry space.
He loved his mum but it caused him stress,
Cause she cried quite a lot and the house was a mess,
There were sometimes days when she couldn’t get dressed.
The doctors said she was clinically depressed.
So he stayed at home when he should have been at school,
And you know how it is;
Well rules are rules and stats are stats just look at the paper.
He got further behind and the hill got steeper.
He’s not quite a teen but he feels much older,
Carrying the burden on his two young shoulders.
The private stuff that he doesn’t want to share,
And blind to the world is the fact that he cares.