Young Carers and Bullying

Many young carers face being bullying.

Bullying can happen online, through text, through other social media and physically.

'They would wait till I was on the bus then they’d say things about my Mum loud enough so that everyone could hear and tease me that I’d end up drinking too’

‘It started when I couldn’t go on a school trip. They started leaving me out of things now they just ignore me completely’

If a young carer is experiencing bullying then you are their advocate and you can help them.

  • Take what they tell you seriously and address the issues.
  • Make sure the children and young people you work with understand that bullying isn't tolerated.
  • Discuss bullying: what it is, how it makes them feel, and what can be done about it.
  • Find out if there's bullying in your school, club or workplace. Use an anonymous survey if needed - have the group make up rules for behaviour and agree to them.
  • Agree possible solutions.

Don't just ignore it!