Young Carers in School

Every school will have young carers.


  • Lack of interaction in classroom activities because of tiredness.
  • Lateness or poor attendance.
  • Challenging behaviour like anger and frustration.
  • Bullying issues.
  • Lack of engagement from home or nobody showing up to parents evenings.
  • Homework arriving late or not completed.
  • Falling academic performance.
  • Tiredness, stress or poor concentration.


1. Be aware

There are young carers in your school. Every school in Wales will have a child or young person carrying out a caring role.

2. Know the signs

There is training here.

3. Have systems in place
  • Promote awareness across the school.
  • Train staff, including new staff, about young carers and the role they play.
  • Consider having a question on your admissions form so that parents or young people can inform you at the beginning of the school life.
  • Include young carers in your school policies.
  • Have a young carer lead on your school councils or pupil representative team (this doesn't have to be a young carer).
  • Provide up to date information on young carers groups.
4. Support

Give these children and young people the support they need by giving them a person they can go to.

Other things include having:

  • A young carers lunchtime club.
  • A ‘telephone allowance’ card so that young carers can phone home if they need to check on parents.
  • Be flexible with deadlines and give extensions for homework or coursework if needed.
  • Make time for conversation.