Many sites have classroom activities and resources. These are a few other ideas:

My Day

Get the children to lie down on the floor and act out, in silence, being asleep. It's 5 o'clock in the morning and as you move through the day calling out times, the children get to act out what they would be doing at that time on an average day.

As an art activity the children can draw themselves at each stage.

This activity can start discussions. It can also show you which children might not be getting breakfast, are left alone for extended periods or have a caring role.


Movie Review

Using movies (or clips from them) is an effective tool to raise awareness of an issue and start discussion.

Example: 'About a Boy'

about a boy

Discussion can be around:

  • What caring role does Marcus have for his Mum?
  • What positive and negative impacts is this having on his life?
  • What support or things would help Marcus and his Mum?


Diffferent Normals

Play this short film then explain that there are thousends of young carers and there will almost definitely be young carers in this class.

Play film

The discussions could be about:

  • Who we see in society and who we don’t.
  • What are the differences between household chores and having a caring responsibility?