Real case studies - changed names.

School, social services and the young carers service working together!

Sharon has been a registered young carer for the last year, she has mild Autism but attends a mainstream school.

She lives at home with Mum who is physically debilitated with back problems. Sharon has recently been accepted on the Go Easy Scooter scheme that will create significant and positive opportunities to her caring role and lifestyle and over the last 6 months she has been working in a part time factory job that has helped her lose the extra weight she had gained from bingeing when she was stressed.

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Working Together

Alan cares for his Mum. She contracted legionnaires disease and has been suffering from serious health complications since, these include regular blackouts and seizures plus constant infections in her nasal passages which compromise her health.

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Charlie is 14 and cares for his Mother with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

His parents have recently split up as Dad who also has learning difficulties can no longer cope with Mum’s depression. Mum was hospitalised last month and has only recently returned home so Charlie has been staying with a family friend but has now returned to live with his Mum.

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Facing transitions

David is a 16 year old young carer. He was registered in 2009 and diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD which affects his social behaviour. He cares for his Father who suffers from depression and also has back and hip problems. He also takes on a great deal of responsibility for his younger niece living in the family home.

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