The little things we take for granted can make a big difference!

John is a young carer. Teachers and Education Welfare Officer (EWO) have raised concerns that John's school attendance had dropped below 80%.

John is resourceful, he is a good pupil who enjoys school but has little support from home. He asked his young carers worker to meet with the EWO to find ways to support him.

Following a meeting with teacher and EWO, some support mechanisms were agreed to help John with his attendance and find ways to help him feel ‘better equipped’ for school.

It was agreed that jointly, school and the carers service would fund some school t-shirts to wear in the hot weather, a basic pencil case and pen set, alarm clock and lamp for his bedroom. John owned none of these and it was felt that having these items would make a real difference in helping him get to school and be better equipped to conduct himself in school.

It worked!