School, social services and the young carers service working together!

Sharon has been a registered young carer for the last year, she has mild Autism but attends a mainstream school.

She lives at home with Mum who is physically debilitated with back problems. Sharon has recently been accepted on the Go Easy Scooter scheme that will create significant and positive opportunities to her caring role and lifestyle and over the last 6 months she has been working in a part time factory job that has helped her lose the extra weight she had gained from bingeing when she was stressed.

Sharon has been taking her final exams so appointments were difficult to arrange. Sharon and her family were having difficulties as her sister had returned home from living with Dad and had been disruptive both at home and at school. This had lead to social services being involved.

Sharon finds this situation quite distressing and internalises her feelings as she doesn’t want to put further stress onto her Mum, whom she is very close to.