The importance of engaging even if it seems unwanted.

Zachery is a young man in high school who is currently in foster care with his younger brother.

He is a man of few words and very protective of his Mum and the present Child Protection process he finds himself in.

He is reluctant to talk about his emotions and is guarded about anything he may disclose but will talk freely about other general issues.

The young carers outreach worker was considering stepping away from his involvement with the Child Protection process as he had some concerns that his presence at meetings was having a negative impact and was unwanted by Zachery. With this in mind he met with Zachery who for the first time entered the room with a confident smile and said ‘hello’. He talked to Zachery about his role and supporting him, and explored the fun and social benefits of young carers.

Zachery was really enthusiastic the new connection and about meetings in school and wanted to attend more young carer trips to re-engage with past friendships.