Facing transitions

David is a 16 year old young carer. He was registered in 2009 and diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD which affects his social behaviour. He cares for his Father who suffers from depression and also has back and hip problems. He also takes on a great deal of responsibility for his younger niece living in the family home.

David has attended the young carer groups for a couple of years. The other young carers within the group have always been very accepting of him but it has taken a long time for him to integrate. He would often segregate himself away sitting at the other end of the room listening to music on his headphones. He enjoys art activities and this has been a good way to develop a relationship with him.

David has become more and more confident over time and has also been attending regular art workshops through a young adult carer’s project which has helped to boost his self-esteem.

Facing transitions:

Although David has made significant improvements he is currently in a transitional phase which is causing him to be particularly vulnerable. He recently finished High School which has left him feeling uncertain about his future.

David is experiencing sleep problems with night terrors and worries a great deal about his father’s health. He has started smoking excessively and his parents are also worried about his weekly alcohol intake.

A referral was recently made by the police to other services due to drinking and anger management.

The young adult carers outreach worker has already started to build a relationship with him through projects and have offered some one-to-one time.

David hopes to go to college, so together with his worker, they have worked with other services in the local authority to find him a work placement so he has some experience before he starts his course.