Young Carers can have additional needs and need additional support!

Deb is 18 from Swansea. She went into foster care at 8 years old and later was adopted. 

Deb has a history of emotional issues due to her background and global developmental delay.

She attended a mainstream primary school with additional support but went on to a special needs secondary school.

She has thrived at this school and has matured into a confident young person with a very positive outlook on life.

She cares for her adoptive Father who has mobility issues. Deb is very active and sociable. She is able to communicate well with both adults and peers and as a result has been involved in various community projects representing children on a board.

She was registered in 2010 as a young adult carer. Her outreach worker has been working with her however her Mother felt that due to her special needs the young carers groups would be more appropriate in the way of activities.

Deb began attending the over 14’s club and very quickly established friendships. She is an active and enthusiastic member of the group and is always keen to join in with the activities on offer and is a good role model to the others.

Although Deb is over eighteen she has been included on young carer trips and activities including a recent Young Carers Festival.

Deb is moving away to a residential college in September. Her father’s illness is degenerative and although she will be doing less physical care, the emotional impact will still be significant.