Young Carers need information and support

Bobbie's brother has Aspergers. He started High school this year and often goes to the lunchtime young carer 'drop-in' sessions where he usually brings a friend along with him.

Bobbie is also going to attend 'dealing with feelings' lessons in school. Recently his brother threatened their Mother with a kitchen knife.

It took a long time for the family to calm him down and resolve the situation. Understandably this was very distressing for him. His Mother has reassured him that if the situation had got out of hand she would have called the Police. The kitchen knives are no longer accessible along with other equipment which is stored in a locked cupboard within the home.

Bobbie's Mum feels he is finding things more difficult to cope with recently so the young carers worker offered some additional one-to-one sessions in school. During these times they often discuss his frustrations with his brother's challenging behaviour because he sometimes lashes out at them which makes Bobbie angry and he hits back. They've discussed the repercussions of this and explored other possible coping strategies.

Bobbie has also been involved with a Drama and Music project recently, this has been a great opportunity for him to have some time out for himself and also boost his confidence. Bobbie wants someone to explain to him more about his brother’s illness so he can stop being angry at him and understand what he needs to do.