Working Together

Alan cares for his Mum. She contracted legionnaires disease and has been suffering from serious health complications since, these include regular blackouts and seizures plus constant infections in her nasal passages which compromise her health.

Alan has witnessed his Mum having a seizure and it seems he may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He has been struggling with anger and has been sneaking food and binge eating; he’s also been urinating in his bedroom and sometimes soiling his pants. The young carers worker has spoken to the head at Alan's school and suggested he would benefit from some one-to-one time with a counsellor.

The worker has also spoken to his Mum and she has asked for support in her aim to be rehoused so she can be supported more easily by her parents, as she does not feel safe to be on her own with her children whilst her partner is at work, due to the risk of seizures or blackouts.

The worker contacted Social Services to help in the rehousing issues and is in the process of completing and returning a multi agency referral form with Alan so he can get the support he needs.