Charlie is 14 and cares for his Mother with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

His parents have recently split up as Dad who also has learning difficulties can no longer cope with Mum’s depression. Mum was hospitalised last month and has only recently returned home so Charlie has been staying with a family friend but has now returned to live with his Mum.

The family are currently having paid carers coming in to the house four times a day to help out with meals as Mum does not appear to have any parenting ability at present and there are great concerns for the wellbeing of Charlie in the longer term. Charlie has risen to the challenge and has strong resilience to his ever changing life situation. He has taken on some extra independence skills with responsibility for his own appearance and school needs.

The local young carers service have been supporting Charlie to continue to attend an after school drama club, young carers group and sports activities so he gets time out. The young carers worker has kept the school up-to-date with Charlie’s life changes and they have been very supportive to him.