Real case studies - changed names.

Young Carers need information and support

Bobbie's brother has Aspergers. He started High school this year and often goes to the lunchtime young carer 'drop-in' sessions where he usually brings a friend along with him.

Bobbie is also going to attend 'dealing with feelings' lessons in school. Recently his brother threatened their Mother with a kitchen knife.

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Young carer's family with mental health problems

Stephanie is the eldest of five siblings from Bala. Her mother suffered with severe mental health illness and was institutionalised whilst Stephanie was young.

Stephanie has very clear memories of visiting her Mother in the rehabilitation clinics. Her mother remained hospitalised in a clinic in England for over a year where she was diagnosed with a personality disorder.

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Using humour

Sarah is 12, lives in Cardiff and regularly attends a young carers group. Her Mother is a recovering alcoholic who has experienced mental health problems. Mum does not work and the family are on low income and often without a vehicle but live in an isolated place.

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