Young Carers' Concerns

This resource can be done alone or as a group.

How much do you know?

Print out and complete the worksheet.



If you put an X against every box in the worksheet then you'd be correct. These are only a few of the things that young carers told us they need and there are many more.

The things that young carers do varries greatly. They're carrying this role out whilst doing full-time education. They need support to enjoy their right to normal childhood activities like play and leisure. Young adult carers may be trying to balance their caring responsibilities with employment or training too. 

How can we help meet their needs?

It's important that young carers are respected and get the information they need to help keep them safe and healthy.

Some young carers need training in things like: lifting properly, first aid, cooking, budgeting, how to store and give medication, shopping, knowing what courses are going on when, making information easy and accessible, or providing transport.

Did you know?

The Wales Young Carers Network brings together young carers from across Wales to meet with the Welsh Ministers each year.  Their views helped shape the national Carers Strategy for Wales.  You can read about some of the issues that young carers face and what young carers want here.